Tricotex Garments Factory

Short presentation of the Company. Trust and professionalism for each customer. The perfect choice for any season!
Tricotex Garments Factory is a company with a strong background that started in Bacau in 1991.Our main object of activity is the production of clothing items, comprising a full cycle which begins with the raw materials and accessories storage room, continues with CAD design workshop and cutting room, and finishes with the delivery of the final product. The production of garments is carried out by a well organized team of passionate professionals who succeed to promptly deliver every order.

What are we best and what do we offer?

Our main focus is GORE-TEX waterproof outdoor clothing and equipment, such as ski gear, sports and hunting equipment, army and police equipment, as well as the latest fashion feather jackets.

We cover all varieties of outdoor equipment for all domains!

Our customers satisfaction is our main priority and the reason why we supervise closely each stage of the production process. We are proud to be among the very few companies in the field that produce garments at international standards.