Garment Factory – Manufacturing Garments

We have been awarded the SILVER Level certificate of excellence by GORE-TEX  since 2007. We work with the latest technology in order to be able to process the newest, most innovative fabrics such as GORE-TEX Soft Shell, Gore-tex Paclite.

In all our endeavors we put our customers satisfaction first, therefore we follow up closely all stages of the production process.



Cutting Room IMA S.p.A. ITALIA


  •  Design room – project design Evo Cad Plus
  •  Plotter Genious Evo
  •  Digitizer
  •  Phoenix 890 Spreading Table
  •  Automatic sewing machine Formula Evo Plus 919

The manufacturing of our garments takes place in two main Production Rooms equipped with:

    • Juki DDL 9000 Linear sewing machines
    • JUKI DLN 5410 Needle through fabric type Sewing machines
    • Automatic stations for manufacturing welt pockets
    • Pfaff 3317 Sewing machines for buttons
    • Juki MEB 3200 Electronic machines for performing  buttonholes eyes
    • Juki MB 6700 scalloping machines
    • Juki LK 1900 machines for performing  small keys
    • Pneumatic stapling presses MetalMeccanica
    • Interphase ironing boards
    • Robots for finishing pants/jackets
    • Juki Logo Sewing machines
    • Pfaff 8330 Fusing machines
    • Borsoi&Michele Alain Piuma 2IN Automatic feather machine
    • Tajima Embroider  machine with 12 ends – 12 colors

Tricotex Bacau - Garments factory

Performance can be tested. We have great partners and we take orders from all around Romania as well as from other countries in Europe. Our success is the result of our seriousness, professionalism and the quality of our products.